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Radifeel Cooled MWIR Camera 15-300mm F5.5 Continuous Zoom RCTL300B

Short Description:

Cooled MWIR Camera 15-300mm F5.5 Continuous Zoom RCTL300B is a matured and high reliable product developed by our company independently to meet strict standard.It utilizes high-quality material and top-end manufacture technology.The thermal camera is featured by small size, high sensitivity, easy to control, long surveillance range, all weather operations and easy for integration.It adopts high sensitivity MWIR detector and 640×512 resolution for crispy image.In addition, continuous zoom lens 15~300mm can distinguish the human, vehicle and ships at long range.

Thermal camera module RCTL300B is easy to be integrated with multiple interface, and available to be customized rich features to support user’s second development. With the advantages, they are ideal to be utilizd into thermal systems such as Handheld thermal systems, surveillance systems, remote monitoring systems, search and track systems, gas detection, and more.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Key Features

A zoom range of 15mm to 300mm enables remote search and observation capabilities

The zoom function allows for multitasking, as it can be adjusted to focus on different objects or areas of interest.

The optical system is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry

The high sensitivity of the optical system ensures excellent performance in low light conditions.

The standard interface of the optical system simplifies the integration process with other devices or systems. It can be easily connected to existing systems, reducing the need for additional modifications or complex Settings

The entire enclosure protection ensures durability and protects the system from external factors,

The 15mm-300mm continuous zoom optical system provides versatile remote search and observation capabilities, as well as portability, high sensitivity, high resolution, and easy integration


It can be integrated into an airborne platform to provide aerial observation and monitoring capabilities

EO/IR System Integration: Optical systems can be seamlessly integrated into optoelectronic/infrared (EO/IR) systems, combining the best of both technologies. Suitable for applications such as security, defence or search and rescue operations

Can play a key role in search and rescue missions

Can be deployed in airports, bus stations, ports and other transportation hubs security monitoring
Its remote capability allows it to detect smoke or fires early and prevent them from spreading




Pixel Pitch


Detector Type

Cooled MCT

Spectral Range







15 mm~300 mm Continuous Zoom


 1.97°(H) ×1.58°(V)to 35.4°(H) ×28.7°(V)±10%



Cooling Time

≤8 min under room temperature

Analog Video Output

Standard PAL

Digital Video Output

 Camera link / SDI

Frame Rate


Power Consumption

≤15W@25℃, standard working state

≤20W@25℃, peak value

Working Voltage

DC 24-32V, equipped with input polarization protection

Control Interface



Manual calibration, background calibration


White hot/white cold

Digital Zoom

×2, ×4

Image Enhancement


Reticle Display


Image Flip

Vertical, horizontal

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature






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