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EO IR Imaging Systems

  • Radifeel Gyro Stablilised Gimbal S130 Series

    Radifeel Gyro Stablilised Gimbal S130 Series

    S130 Series  is a 2 axis gyro stabilized gimbal with 3 sensors, including a full HD daylight channel with 30x optical zoom, IR channel 640p 50mm and laser ranger finder.

    S130 Series  is a solution for numerous types of missions where superior image stabilization, leading LWIR performance and long-range imaging is required in a small payload capacity.

    It supports visible optical zoom, IR thermal and visible PIP switch, IR color palette switch, photographing and video, target tracking, AI recognition, thermal digital zoom.

    The 2 axis gimbal can achieve stabilization in yaw and pitch.

    The high-precision laser range finder can obtain the target distance within 3km. Within a external GPS data of the gimbal, the GPS location of the target can be accurately resolved.

    S130 Series  is widely used in UAV industries of public security, electric power, fire fighting, zoom aerial photography and other industrial applications.

  • Radifeel Gyro-stabilized Gimbal P130 Series

    Radifeel Gyro-stabilized Gimbal P130 Series

    P130 Series is a light-weight 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with dual-light channels and a laser rangefinder, ideal for UAV missions in perimeter surveillance, forest fire control, security monitoring and emergency situations. It provides real-time infrared and visible light images for immediate analysis and response. With an onboard image processor, it can perform target tracking, scene steering and image stabilization in critical scenarios.