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Laser Rangefinders

  • Radifeel 3km Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder

    Radifeel 3km Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder

    Compact, lightweight design and eye safety features make it suitable for a variety of reconnaissance and surveying applications. Low power consumption and long life ensure optimum performance and durability. The rangefinder has strong temperature adaptability and can work effectively under different environmental conditions

  • Radifeel 6km Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder

    Radifeel 6km Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder

    Designed for reconnaissance and measurement applications, our laser rangefinder for 6KM is a compact, lightweight, and eye-safe device with low power consumption, long service life, and strong temperature adaptability.

    Designed without a casing, it offers flexibility for your diverse application needs and electrical interfaces. We offer testing software and communication protocols for users to perform integration for handheld portable devices and multifunctional systems.