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Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

  • Radifeel RF630 IR VOCs OGI Camera

    Radifeel RF630 IR VOCs OGI Camera

    RF630 OGI camera is applicable for VOCs gases leakage inspection in the field of petrochemical industry, chemical industry, environmental protection etc. With 320*256 MWIR cooled detector, fusion of multi-sensor technology, the camera enables the inspector to observe the tiny VOCs gases leakage in the safety distance. By the high efficient inspection with RF630 camera, 99% leakage of VOCs gases can be reduced.

  • Radifeel IR SF6 OGI Camera

    Radifeel IR SF6 OGI Camera

    RF636 OGI camera can visualize SF6 and other gases leakage in a safety distance, which enables quick inspection in the large scale. The camera can be applicable in the field of electric power industry, by catching leakage early to reduce financial loss caused by repairs and breakdowns.

  • Radifeel IR CO OGI Camera  RF460

    Radifeel IR CO OGI Camera RF460

    Used to detect and locate carbon monoxide (CO) gas leaks. For industries that need to be concerned about CO2 emissions, such as steel manufacturing operations, with the RF 460, the exact location of the CO leak can be immediately seen, even from a distance. The camera can perform routine and on-demand inspections.

    The RF 460 camera is equipped with a simple and intuitive user interface for easy operation. The infrared CO OGI Camera RF 460 is a reliable and efficient CO gas leak detection and location tool. Its high sensitivity and user-friendly interface make it an essential tool for industries that need to closely monitor CO2 emissions to ensure safety and environmental protection.

  • Radifeel IR CO2 OGI Camera RF430

    Radifeel IR CO2 OGI Camera RF430

    With the IR CO2 OGI Camera RF430 , you can safely and easily locate very small concentrations of  CO2 leaks, whether as a tracer gas used to find leaks during plant and Enhanced Oil Recovery  machinery inspections, or to verify completed repairs. Save time with fast and accurate detection, and cut operating downtime to a minimum while avoiding fines and lost profits.

    High sensitivity to a spectrum invisible to the human eye makes IR CO2 OGI Camera  RF430 a critical Optical Gas Imaging tool for fugitive emissions detection and leak repair verification.Instantly visualize the exact location of CO2 leaks, even at a distance.

    IR CO2 OGI Camera  RF430 allows for routine and on-demand inspections in the steel manufacturing operations and other industries where CO2  emissions need to be closely monitored. IR CO2 OGI Camera  RF430 helps you detect and repair toxic gas leaks inside the facility, while maintaining safety.

    RF 430 allows for fast inspection of vast areas with a simple and intuitive user interface.

  • Radifeel Portable Uncooled OGI camera RF600U for VOCS and SF6

    Radifeel Portable Uncooled OGI camera RF600U for VOCS and SF6

    RF600U is a revolutionary economy uncooled infrared gas leaking detector. Without replacing the lens, it can quickly and visually detect gases such as methane, SF6, ammonia, and refrigerants by switching different filter bands. The product is suitable for daily equipment inspection and maintenance in oil and gas fields, gas companies, gas stations, power companies, chemical plants and other industries. RF600U allows you to quickly scan leaks from a safe distance , thus effectively reducing losses due to malfunctions and safety incidents.

  • Radifeel Fixed VOC Gas Detection System RF630F

    Radifeel Fixed VOC Gas Detection System RF630F

    The Radifeel RF630F a optical gas imaging (OGI) camera visualizes gas, so you can monitor installations in remote or hazardous areas for gas leaks. Through continuous monitoring, you can catch dangerous, costly hydrocarbon or volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks and take immediate action. Online thermal camera RF630F adopts highly sensitive 320*256 MWIR cooled detector, can output real time thermal gas detection images.OGI cameras are widely used in industrial settings, such as natural gas processing plants and offshore platforms. It can be easily integrated in housings with application-specific requirements.

  • Radifeel RF630PTC Fixed VOCs OGI Camera Infrared Gas Leak Detector

    Radifeel RF630PTC Fixed VOCs OGI Camera Infrared Gas Leak Detector

    Thermal Imagers are sensitive to the Infrared, which is a band in the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Gases have their own characteristic absorption lines in the IR spectrum; VOC’s and others have these lines in the region of the MWIR. The use of a thermal imager as an infrared gas leak detector adjusted to the region of interest will allow the gases to be visualized. Thermal imagers are sensitive to the absorption lines spectrum of the gases and designed to have the optical path sensitivity in correspondence with the gases in the spectrum area of interest. If a component is leaking, the emissions will absorb the IR energy, appearing as smoke black or white on the LCD screen.

  • Radifeel RF630D VOCs OGI Camera

    Radifeel RF630D VOCs OGI Camera

    The UAV VOCs OGI camera is used to detect the leakage of methane and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with high sensitivity 320 × 256 MWIR FPA detector. It can obtain real-time infrared image of gas leakage, which is suitable for real-time detection of VOC gas leakage in industrial fields, such as refineries, offshore oil and gas exploitation platforms, natural gas storage and transportation sites, chemical/biochemical industries, biogas plants and power stations.

    The UAV VOCs OGI camera brings together the very latest in detector, cooler and lens design for optimizing the detection and visualizing of hydrocarbon gas leaks .