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The new generation of drone payloads with multiple sensors for real-time surveillance imagery

Radifeel Technology, a leading turnkey solution provider for infrared thermal imaging and intelligent sensing technologies has unveiled the new series of SWaP-optimized UAV gimbals and long-range ISR (Intelligent, surveillance and reconnaissance) payloads. These innovative solutions have been developed with a focus on compact and rugged designs, aiming to empower our customers to overcome numerous challenges encountered during mission-critical operations. The new generation of gimbals provide high-performance electro-optical/infrared capabilities in a small, lightweight, and durable package, enabling operators to effectively gather intelligence, conduct surveillance, and make informed decisions in real-time.

Weighing less than 1300g, the P130 Series is a light-weight, dual-light stabilized gimbal with laser rangefinder, designed for a wide variety of UAV operations in the toughest environments day and light, including search and rescue, forest protection patrol, law enforcement and security, wildlife protection, and fixed-asset monitoring. It is built on 2-axis gyro stabilization with a full HD 1920X1080 electro-optical camera and an uncooled LWIR 640×512 camera, offering capability of 30x optical zoom EO, and a crisp IR image in low-visibility conditions with 4x electronic zoom. The payload features in-class onboard image processing with built-in target tracking, scene steering, picture in picture display, and electronic image stabilization.

The S130 series features compact size, 2-axis stabilization, full HD visible sensor and LWIR thermal imaging sensor with a variety of IR lenses and laser rangefinder optional. It is an ideal payload gimbal for UAVs, fixed-wing drones, multi-rotors and tethered UAVs to capture high-resolution visual, thermal imagery and video. With its superior technology, the S130 gimbal is ready for any surveillance missions, and provides unmatched support for wide-area mapping and fire detection.

The P 260 and 280 series are solutions suitable for applications where sensitivity, quality and clarity are of the essence. They are equipped with our latest state-of-the-art continuous zoom lens and long-range laser rangefinder, enhancing real-time situational awareness in surveillance and accuracy in target acquisition and tracking.

Post time: Aug-05-2023