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The InfraRed Search & Track System with the highest definition on the market Panoramic Thermal Camera Xscout Series-CP120X

Short Description:

With a high-speed turning table and a specialized thermal camera, which has good image quality and strong target warning ability. The infrared thermal imaging technology used in Xscout is a passive detection technology, which is different from the radio radar that needs to radiate electromagnetic waves. Thermal imaging technology completely passively receives the thermal radiation of the target, it is not easy to be interfered when it works, and it can operate all day long, so it is difficult to be found by intruders and easy to camouflage.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Key Features

World’s high definition panoramic thermal camera

Long-Range Automatic Detection, Recognition and Identification

Day & night panoramic imaging in total darkness in any weather conditions

Human, vehicle, RHIB or UAV detection capabilities

Automatic tracking and classification of any ground/sea/air threats

Passive operation unlike radars (undetectable, no EM disturbance)

Proven, reliable and COTS technology

Robust and rapidly deployable

Motorized tilt for fine-tuned installations

All events recorded over 360°

InfraRed Search (3)


InfraRed Search (2)

Airport/ Airfield surveillance

Border &Coastal passive surveillance

Military base protection(air, naval, FOB)

Critical infrastructure protection

Maritime wide area surveillance

Self-protection of ships (IRST)

Offshore platforms and oil rigs security

Passive air Defence






Spectral Range

3 ~5μm

Scan FOV

About 4.6°×360

Scan Speed

About 1.35 s/round

Tilt Angle


Image Resolution


Communication Interface


Effective Data Bandwidth

<100 MBps

Control Interface

Gigabit Ethernet

External Source

DC 24V


Peak Consumption≤150W,

Average Consumption≤60W

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


IP Level



≤25Kg(Cooled panoramic thermal imager included)




Image Receiving And Decoding, Image Display, Target Alarm, Equipment Control, Parameter Setting

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