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Radifeel RFT384 Temp Detection Thermal Imager

Short Description:

RFT series thermal imaging camera can visualize the temperature details in super definition display, the function of various temperature measurement analysis makes an efficient inspection in the field of electric, mechanical industry and etc.

RFT series intelligent thermal imaging camera is simple, compact and ergonomic.

And every step has professional tips, so that the first user can become an expert quickly. With high IR resolution and various powerful functions, RFT series is the ideal thermal inspection tool for power inspection, equipment maintenance and building diagnostic.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Key Features

DB-FUSIOMTM Mode Supported

Intelligent Measuring Analesis

Magnification Digital 1~8x

Mobile APP&PC Analysis Software

Multiple Imaging Modes 384*288 Resolution

Extensive Measuring Range and Accuracy

Smart Alarms Temperature Alarms

Data Transmission Various Choice

Function Instruction Easy to Use

RFT384 9

Key Features

RFT384 6
RTF384 8

Power Supply Equipment

Petrochemical Industry

Construction Inspection

Industrial QC Management



384×288, pixel pitch 17µm, spectral range 7.5 - 14 µm


@15℃~35℃ ≤40mK


15mm/F 1.3/(25°±2°)×(19°±2°)

Frame Rate

50 Hz




1~8×digital zoom

Display Mode

IR/Visible/Pic in pic (editable size and position)/Fusion


3.5”touch screen with 640×480 resolution

Color Palette

10 types

Detection Range and Accuracy

-20℃~+120℃ (±2℃ or ±2%)

0℃~+650℃ (±2℃ or ±2%)

+300℃~+1200℃ (±2℃ or ±2%)

Temperature Analysis

• 10 points analysis

• 10+10 area(10 rectangle, 10 circle) analysis

• 10 lines analysis

• Max/min temperature point positioning

Temperature Alarm

• Color Alarm

• Sound Alarm

Compensation and Correction

Customized/default material emissivity table supported, reflective temperature, environmental humidity, environmental temperature, object distance, external IR window compensation

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