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Radifeel Mobile Phone Infrared Thermal Imager RF3

Short Description:

The mobile phone infrared thermal imager RF3 is a portable infrared thermal imaging analyzer with high precision and quick response, which adopts an industrial-grade 12μm 256×192 resolution infrared detector with a 3.2mm lens. This lightweight and portable product can be easily used while plugged in your phone, and with professional thermal image analysis Radifeel APP, it can carry out infrared imaging of the target object and perform multi-mode professional thermal image analysis anytime and anywhere.

Product Detail

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Key Features

High-quality optical lens and high-resolution detector, with excellent imaging effect.

Lightweight and portable with an easy-to-use APP.

Wide temperature measurement range from -15℃ to 600℃.

Supports high temperature alarm and customized alarm threshold.

Supports high and low temperature tracking.

Supports adding points, lines and rectangular boxes for regional temperature measurement.

Firm and durable aluminum alloy shell.

Radifeel Mobile Phone Infrared Thermal Imager RF 3






Frame rate



<50mK @25℃


56° x 42°



Temperature measurement range


Temperature measurement accuracy

± 2 ° C or ± 2%

Temperature measurement

Highest, lowest, central point and area temperature measurement are supported

Color palette

Iron, white hot, black hot, rainbow, red hot, cold blue

General items




Working temperature

-10°C - 75°C

Storage temperature

-45°C - 85°C

IP rating



40mm x 14mm x 33mm

Net weight


Note: RF3 may only be used after turning on OTG function in the settings in your Android phone.


1. Please don’t use alcohol, detergent or other organic cleaners to clean the lens. It is recommended to wipe the lens with soft objects dipped in water.

2. Do not immerse the camera in water.

3. Do not let sunlight, laser and other strong light sources directly illuminate the lens, otherwise the thermal imager will suffer irreparable physical damage.

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