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Uncooled high performance miniature thermal imaging cores now available

Leveraging advanced technology drawn from years of experience in numerous demanding programs, Radifeel has developed an extensive portfolio of uncooled thermal imaging cores, catering to the most diverse requirements for a wide range of customers.

Our downsized IR cores are designed to address the needs of thermal imaging system developers and integrators who prioritize high performance, small size, low power and cost and compliance to environmental specifications. By utilizing patented imaging processing technology and multiple industry-standard communication interfaces, we offer maximum flexibility for integration programs.

Weighing less than 14g, the Mercury series is ultra-small (21x21x20.5mm) and lightweight uncooled IR cores, equipped with our latest 12-micron pixel pitch LWIR VOx 640×512-resolution thermal detector, providing enhanced detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) performance, especially in low-contrast and poor-visibility environments. Without compromising on the image quality, the Mercury series represents a combination of low SWaP (size, weight and power), making it ideal for application of automotive development kits, UAVs, helmet-mounted firefighting devices, portable night-vision devices and industrial inspections.

Less than 40g, the Venus series core has a compact size(28x28x27.1mm) and comes in two versions, 640×512 and 384×288 resolutions with multiple lens configurations and shutter-less model optional. It is meant for use in systems across a variety of applications from outdoor night vision devices, to handheld scopes, multi-light fusion solutions, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), industrial inspection and scientific research.

Weighing less than 80g, the Saturn series core featuring 12-micron pixel pitch 640×512-resolution thermal detector satisfies integrations for long range observations and handheld devices that can operate in adverse ambient conditions. Multiple interface boards and lens options add utmost flexibility to the customer’s secondary development.

Designed for customers looking for high resolution, the Jupiter series cores are based on our cutting-edge 12-micron pixel pitch LWIR VOx 1280×1024 HD thermal detector enabling high-sensitivity and elevated DRI performance in poor vision situations. With different video external interfaces and various lens configurations available, the J series cores is well-suited for applications from maritime security, to forest fire prevention, perimeter protection, transportation and crowd monitoring.

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Post time: Aug-05-2023